Starting this blog has been a long, painful process. It has taken me years to come to grips with what exactly happened to me and my family. But here I sit now estranged from my own two daughters for over four years.

No calls, no emails, no text messages, no contact.

Taylor, my oldest daughter, is now 26 and married to Joel. My youngest daughter, Tory, is 24 years old. The last time I saw them was at an engagement party we threw for Taylor at our home in July, 2013 (pictured here).

I haven’t seen my daughters or son-in-law since then. Their wedding happened the following May, and my family and I were not even invited. That’s right, not only did I not walk my daughter down the aisle, I wasn’t even invited to the wedding.

I never thought that my ex-wife and her husband would try to manipulate my daughters they way they did. Knowing their family, which is quite enmeshed, the parental alienation was an orchestrated, deliberate, and vindictive move to cut me and my entire family out of my daughter’s lives. I always felt an undercurrent pulling at them when they were at our house or spent any meaningful time with our blended family. I should have paid more attention or sought help earlier.

My goal is to help other dads out there who are in the earlier stages of parental alienation recognize the signs, give advice, and if nothing else share your pain. Over the last 10 years or so, I’ve felt alone when it comes to this topic. Nothing like saying “oh yeah, I have four kids, but only two of them have anything to do with me” at a party. I don’t want to feel alone anymore, I’m hoping to reach other dads (and moms) that have been victims of this terrible syndrome.

It’s time for parental alienation to be exposed for what it is: child abuse.