You might be wondering, “hey Tom, what’s with the target in your logo at the top of the website?” Well, a parent that is being alienated is called the “target” of parental alienation. For years, I was targeted. It wasn’t an overnight campaign, but a slow, steady, conscious, deliberate brainwashing that eventually led to where I am today.

My advice to any parent that is being targeted is two-fold:

  1. Acknowledge that you are being targeted: This is hard because you don’t want to think that someone you had children with is now working daily to undermine you and erase you from your children’s’ lives. I always thought that it was the girls just growing up, “give them some space, they will come out of it.” I was wrong, and I realized that I was being targeted too late.
  2. Confront the alienating parent: If you tell your ex-wife that you see the signs of parental alienation and point out to her some of the signals she and her family are giving off, you have a better chance of curbing this behavior. Give their actions a name, “Parental Alienation”, and tell them it is a form of child abuse. If possible, purchase “Breaking the Ties That Bind” and hand it to them the next time you pick up your children for weekend visitation.